Urdu Language Course

Urdu Course

Are you looking for an online Urdu course? Here you go to learn the Urdu Language online at your comfort time. The Languages Tutor offers an online Urdu course for all ages of students, kids, males, and females. We all know that learning a new language itself is a difficult task. You need a native Urdu teacher to learn from them as we have been teaching the Urdu language online for the last 13 years to hundreds of students around the UK, USA, and the West countries.

You can not only learn the Urdu language from the native Urdu tutors but from the Arabic, English, and Pashto teacher as well with our online languages academy. Our qualified and experienced teachers design the online Urdu language course for all ages of students. After completing this course, students will be able to read, write, and speak Urdu as native Urdu speakers.

Online Urdu Course Description

Do you want to speak, read, and write Urdu? You need a teacher to teach you Urdu language basics, i.e., Urdu Words and how to pronounce them correctly. Let’s overview our online Urdu course.

Urdu Course for Beginners

We divide the online Urdu course into seven chapters for beginners.

  1. Urdu Alphabets
  2. Basics Sentence
  3. Urdu Verbs
  4. Present Tense
  5. Past Tense
  6. Future Tense
  7. Conventional use of Urdu Sentences

Chapter 1: Urdu Alphabets

  • Urdu Alphabets
  • Use and pronunciation of Zer – Zaber – Pesh
  • Positions of Alphabets – Part 1
  • Positions of Alphabets – Part 2
  • From Letters to Words
  • Basic sounds from words
  • Urdu Alphabets and Vocabulary – Part 1
  • Urdu Alphabets and Vocabulary – Part 2

Chapter 2: Basic Sentences

  • Important Urdu words to make a sentence
  • Urdu Words to ask questions
  • Urdu Sentence [Using Nouns]
  • Urdu Pronouns
  • Using Pronouns in Urdu
  • Words explaining the positions of the object
  • Urdu Nouns – More Details
  • “Arabs” in the Urdu language
  • Vowels and Consonants of the Urdu language
  • Dialogue – Part 1
  • Dialogue – Part 2
  • Dialogue – Part 3

Chapter 3: Urdu Verbs

  • Verbs in Urdu
  • Imperative sentences in Urdu

Chapter 4: Present Tense

  • Urdu Present Indefinite Tense
  • Urdu Present Continuous Tense
  • Urdu Present Perfect Tense
  • Urdu Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Chapter 5: Past Tense

  • Urdu Past Indefinite Tense Part-1
  • Urdu Regular and Irregular verbs
  • Urdu Past Indefinite Tense Part-2
  • Urdu Past Continuous Tense
  • Urdu Past Perfect Tense
  • Urdu Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Chapter 6: Future Tense

  • Urdu Future Indefinite Tense
  • Urdu Future Continuous Tense
  • Urdu Future Perfect Tense
  • Urdu Future Perfect Continuous Tense
  • Urdu Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Chapter 7: Conventional use of Urdu Sentence

  • Use of یہ بتائے ‘, please tell me
  • Use of جیسے ہی ‘as soon as’ or ‘no sooner…than.’
  • Use of کے دوران ‘while’
  • Use of امید ہے کہ ‘hope that’
  • Use of نا ہے ‘has to.’
  • Use of چاہیئے ‘must,’ ‘ought to,’ ‘should.’
  • Use of Numbers
  • Bachey ki dua (بچے کی دعا )

Advance Level Urdu

In an advanced level Urdu course, students can learn all the above seven chapters and the Advance grammar of the Urdu Language.

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Feel free to enroll your kids or yourself in our online Urdu language course. Become a native Urdu language speaker, reader, and writer in months. Register now in free classes for a week, then start your course to learn Urdu.

Urdu Course Details

Are you planning to learn the Urdu language? Avail an exciting opportunity to become a fluent Urdu speaker and writer within months. We have native Urdu language tutors to make your Urdu learning online supper easy. Our online Urdu language tutors are second to none, available to you at your convenient time and place.

Learn Urdu Online

About sixty million people speak Urdu in Pakistan and India, but because informal spoken Urdu is mutually similar to the Hindi language. Urdu and Hindi together are considered the fourth most-spoken language on earth. This Urdu language tuition with native instructors will allow you to converse comfortably with almost five hundred million people in South Asia and understand the Urdu content produced in Pakistan and India.

Getting an online education is a new norm as it reduces the hustle of attending physical classes, bearing the commute, and paying heavy fees to colleges and universities. Above all, finding a native Urdu Language Tutor is a challenge where Urdu is a foreign language. Among a few Urdu speakers, you may hardly find someone familiar with its accurate and fluent usage.

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, an official language of India. It is one of the most critical languages for understanding the Afghanistan-Pakistan region and South Asia as a whole. It is an Indo-European language with Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, and Turkish influences. Apart from these regions, Urdu is also widely spoken in the USA, Canada, the Middle East, and other countries by immigrants moved from Pakistan or India.

Are you also fond of Urdu poetry and other literary genres to read and get inspired? Do you want to seek native-like fluency in Urdu despite living in a foreign country? It would help if you learned Urdu online, as it seems to be the ultimate solution for your learning needs. The Urdu language tutoring course includes:

  • One to one class sessions for quick learning
  • Male and female Urdu Language Tutors
  • Class day and time at your schedule
  • No Admission Fees, No Books
  • Audio recordings Service for later revisions
  • Focusing all modules the Urdu, such as Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing
  • Available to you at your convenient time and place.

From Beginner to Expert Urdu Speaker

Urdu has a rich history and has come through generations after generations. Also known as the language of crusaders, Urdu has an unmistakable resemblance with so many languages such as Turkish, Hindi, Panjabi, and Arabic. The variety of Urdu spoken in Pakistan is considered purer and widely accepted because various writers and renowned poets from Pakistan contribute to the language in terms of research, writing novels, poetry, and other entertainment-related content such as drams and films.

Online learning of the Urdu Language starts with memorizing the Urdu alphabet and its pronunciations, cramming basic vocabulary and grammar rules. However, spoken language skills focus on remembering short and crisp sentences to ensure fluency. So, Urdu grammar is taught for the elimination of errors, while spoken Urdu removes the hesitation of the learning.

Our well-designed road map to learn the Urdu language online takes you on a step-by-step journey. It is accompanied by our state-of-the-art learning management system that keeps track of your progress by the number of lessons you attend against the quizzes and tests you pass.

What Should I Do?

Find an experience Urdu Language Tutor who has a command and teaching expertise in the Urdu language, how to make sentences, build a vocabulary bank and can teach you the local and mainstream Urdu dialects.

Please get to know your purpose and communicate it to the tutor, and ask for the course plan. Furthermore, invest some of your time in watching Urdu content on television. It does help in learning a new language.

Try to find some Urdu native speakers and engage with them in conversations that help them learn the language.

If you are in doubt, please feel free to reach us. We will assist you with the course plan and content as we have exceptionally talented tutors with regional experience teaching Urdu online with textual and literal meaning.

Why choose the Languages Tutor?

The reason to choose the languages tutor for learning the online Urdu language course. We have been teaching the Urdu language online for the last 13 years.

Competitive Price

We offer competitive prices in the market.

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Native Urdu tutors for kids, males, and females.

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Learn Urdu at your comfort time.

One-on-one Urdu classes

Languages tutors offer one-on-one Urdu classes for all students.

When to Pay?

Pay only when you’re satisfied with our tutors and classes.

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