Tips to Improve Your IELTS Writing Skills

Hundreds of candidates of international universities are anxious about passing the IELTS test. They search for easy tips to improve their English language skills to get admission to universities or apply for a foreign work visa. However, you can find directions to improve your IELTS (International English Language Testing System) writing skills.

Furthermore, while applying for the test, you will need to master four skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. But, here you can know exactly know that how to improve your English writing skills.

The IELTS test is taken from those whose second language is English. You can also find here directions for preparation for the test.

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Know IELTS types

There are two kinds of tests for IELTS candidates: Academic and other is General. The candidates who intend to study abroad at a higher level should enroll in the Academic IELTS test. However, if you want to learn at a lower level or want to travel for some job or work purposes, you should register yourself in the General test.

The prime difference between these two tests is the standard of study and topics. For Academic tests, you have to study hard and go through the topics expansively. While preparing for the General test, you should learn minor issues and do less practice. Also, get the idea from the Online Quran Classes.

Words count

There are two written tasks given in the test. You have to complete the word count in the specific time allotted for the test. In the first test, you have 20 minutes and 150 words to write. While in the second test, you have 40 minutes and 250 words to write.

You must complete both tasks in the given time. However, if you submit fewer words, then you will be considered illegible for further progress. So, attempt the test carefully, and at last, you may have time to correct the mistakes.

Use the correct format

While writing, you must select the correct format. Don’t use bullet points in your writing. Furthermore, you should write in your own words and not copy other works; otherwise, it will lead to your failure or test cancellation.

You should remember that your writing is only acceptable if you write according to the topic. Swiping away from the case is not considered, although you have written a masterpiece of writing.

Read the question carefully

You can only write a good answer if you have understood the question correctly. So, read the question carefully to understand it, and then start writing. Submit our reply as you are in the question to answer. If you are asked to respond in chart form, it will be a good answer if you write it.

Main theme

While writing a perfect piece of writing, you should not lose track. Keep in mind the main theme, and don’t let it be merged into subtopics. In your full scripture, don’t lose the flow of the main theme. Furthermore, don’t let other thoughts become part of your writing while writing on a single topic.

Use the exact tense

Tense plays an important role in written tasks. For example, you are writing about an event or cricket commentary, you should write in the present tense. Similarly, if you are writing a story, you should report it in past indefinite tense. Don’t use ambiguous sentences in your writing. It will decrease the readability score of your essay and may cause lower marks in your IELTS test.

Make your answer appealing

Write your topic so clearly that even grade-5 students can easily understand it. To make your answer clearer and more vivid, you should use shorter sentences, shorter paragraphs, and easy-to-understand words. Don’t just show up your vocabulary skills while writing effectively.


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