The Objectives of the Holy Book Quran

Holy book Quran has special objectives to accomplish. It has special aims but is not collectively mentioned in a single chapter but is divided into many chapters according to the nature of the message and dictations.

Every book has its specific aim and objectives to achieve. For example, a book for cooking aims to let its readers learn how to cook. The book will contain many recipes and experts’ opinions. Similarly, a book for driving aims to teach you how to drive and tell you about driving principles and some essential steps for solving the problems related to vehicles.

However, the Holy Quran is a complete guide for humans to spend their lives according to Quran and Islam. Without Quran, man’s life is purposeless, as it includes all the golden rules of living your life. Here are some objectives of the Holy Quran that you were unaware of before.

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Modifying the belief of humankind

The main objective of the Quran is to modify humankind’s beliefs and make them cautious about the facts of life. The Quran, through its directions, time and again, reminds us of the facts of life, how it was started, how it will be ended, and how to spend life in between.

Instructing for worshipping Allah

Being Muslims, we are stuck in a religious issue; we turn to find the solution in Quran. The Holy Quran obtain this objective by teaching us how to perform religious deeds devotedly and dedicate our soul to the worship of Allah. The Quran has special instructions for us on how to offer prayer, do fasting, give zakat, perform Hajj, etc.

Encouraging humankind

One of the objectives of the Quran is that it encourages humankind by reminding them of the rewards of Allah in this life and on the day of judgment. Also, it advises humans to avoid bad deeds.

Evoking people to establish a peaceful society

Many times, in its teaching, the Holy Quran urges Muslims to be united. It restricts Muslims to avoid tribal distinctions and particularly cast discrimination. In his last sermon, the Rasool of Allah also advised the people that everyone is equal regardless of caste, creed. No one has superiority over others.

Developing a just society

The Quran accomplishes this aim by educating the people on how to emerge justice in a society. In many parts of the Quran, Allah SWT specifies the advantages of being honest and just. Only a just society can achieve the height of civilization. Its guidelines also restrict society’s inhabitants from bad manners like lying, gambling, betraying, etc.

Assuring the rights of women

The Holy Quran obtained this objective by informing us of the real position of a woman in society. There is a complete surah on a woman in Holy Quran. The Quran clarifies their rights. They deserve all the rights to acquire what Islam gives them. Before Islam, you were well aware of the status of women in society and how they treated the women. But with the glory of Islam, they are treated equally in society.

Instruction for Jihad

The Holy Quran aims to unite Muslim Army for expanding the Islamic empire. The Quran, through its teaching, cations Muslims how to prevent external threats and how to help the oppressed. Quran teaches us to fight cruel and protect those who suffer.


The Holy Quran is revealed for a specific purpose. It incorporates all the specifications and guidelines necessary for spending life according to the golden rules of Islam.

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