Special Course – For Newly Revert Muslims

The special course is designed particularly for new converts of Islam. Learning the special course online will help you continue your journey as a pious Muslim. Surely, as it is a new religion for you, you will need an experienced Quran tutor and Hadith tutor to give you the best knowledge of the basics of Islam.

Now, you are a newly Muslim. We welcome you to the most beautiful religion in the world, Islam. You have become part of the widely acceptable brotherhood and sisterhood. You have embraced the glory of Islam and thus of Allah SWT and Rasool SAW. 

After reciting the Shahadah, “There is no god but Allah alone, and Muhammad SAW is the Prophet of Allah”, you, however, entered into Islam. Still, now to become a perfect Muslim, you must learn all the necessary information about Islam by learning Quran and Hadith online.  

It is very persistent for our new Muslim brothers and sister that, after embracing Islam, they don’t have enough time to learn it properly from any physical institution. So, if you are one of them, the special course will help you learn Islam online while sitting in your comforts. After learning it, you will be able to spread it among others who don’t know, and can earn eternal virtue that can be blissful for you in this world and the afterlife, too.

Importance of learning special course 

Nowadays, the special course is becoming accepted due to its vitality and affordability. Every after a batch, several new converts of Islam benefit from learning online. Here we include some essential questions that might arise in your mind while enrolling in the course?

  • What are the essentials to convert to Islam?
  • What are the first steps to converting to Islam?
  • Is it compulsory to change name after converting to Islam?
  • What is the first step after accepting Islam?
  • How can I learn Quran online?
  • How can I learn Hadith online?
  • What are the basics of Islam?

You can easily find the answer to these questions after enrolling yourself in the list of online and special course learners. Furthermore, we provide the services of the world’s best online tutors. In their presence, not only you can have a good command over Quran and Hadith, but also you can learn the basics of Fiqh and Tafseer ul Quran.    

In special courses for new converts, we also offer some basic classes that will not be part of your selected package. After completing the course, you will be given gifts and a certificate of appreciation. 

In addition, you will be glad to know that there are certain qualities of a special course that will make you decide quickly to enrol yourself in the special course class. 

  • Free registration 
  • No age limit; anyone can register in the class
  • The classed schedule is according to your choice
  • The facility of one-to-one class
  • The services of adeptly qualified male and female tutors 

Experience free Special Course Classes

Schedule of the special course classes

The schedule of the special course classes for new converts is designed according to your preferred time. However, the duration of each class is 30 minutes. You can ask for your chosen hour at the time of registration. 

In some initial classes, the online tutors teach some basics of Islam, and after you get some idea of the codes of Islam, they start proper classes. In a proper class, the tutor in the first 20 minutes teaches basic lessons included in special classes like Ghusl, Wadu, and other obligations essential for new converts; and in last 10 minutes they evaluate whether you are learning properly.  

As you are a beginner as a Muslim, so the teachers are enthusiastic about teaching you the physical structure of Wadu, Namaz and some other rituals in a video tutorial that you need to learn.  

Basic topics of the special course 

There are some basic topics that you will learn in an online learning class of the special course. However, these topics are only for your easy understanding. Besides these, there are much more to learn in the special course for new converts of Islam. 

  • Ghusl 
    • Obligation in Ghusl 
    • When it becomes obligatory 
    • Why is it necessary 
  • The Ablution (Wudu)
    • Obligation of Wudu
    • Sunnah in Wudu
  • The Prayer (Salah)
    • Timing of prayer
    • Conditions in prayer
    • Importance of prayer 
  • How to offer the prayer 
    • Video tutorial 
  • Obligations in Islam 
  • Restriction in Islam
  • Five pillars of Islam
    • Shahada 
    • Namaz
    • Zakat 
    • Sawm
    • Hajj  
  • Basic knowledge of Quran and Hadith 
    • Qaida, 
    • The basic book of Hadith 

Why learn the special course? 

You must learn a special course to expand your knowledge about Islam. The special online course helps you in knowing the religion gradually. Being Muslims, we must get knowledge as much as possible. After completing, you will be able to perform all the Islamic rituals and obligations and restrict yourself from what Allah wants us to avoid.