Quran Recitation Course

Learning the Quran itself is a difficult task. For Muslims reading and reciting the Quran is important. As, we need guidance in our life and Quran is the main source of Guidance for Muslims.

Allah Says in Quran;

“A Book we have sent down to you so that you may bring forth mankind from the darkness into the light”.

Languages Tutors offer the Quran recitation course for kids, Adults – men, and women around the world. The Quran recitation course is designed by qualified Islamic teachers for all ages of Quran students.

We’re teaching online the Quran reading and recitation course for the last 10+ years. We have a team of male and female Quran recitation teachers, highly qualified from Islamic Madrasa or universities.

What you will learn in Quran Recitation?

  • To read the Quran properly
  • Recitation of the Holy Quran
  • Understand the meaning of the Quran
  • Pronounce the Quran words correctly

Our online Quran recitation teachers will help you understand, read, and properly pronounce the Quran words.

We offer:

Quran Recitation course for kids and Adults

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Why choose us?

Quran is a beautiful revelation of Allah. We must pursue learning it from an online or onsite. However, the busy routine does not allow us to drive to the nearest Quran Academy or take our kids there. So, learning from an Online Quran Teacher is the most suitable option. We have

  • No Admission Fee
  • No Age limit to Reading Quran Online
  • No regional boundaries – We serve across the globe
  • One-to-one classes of Quran Reading
  • Choose days and timing as per your routine
  • Male and Female Quran Tutors

Online medium of education is secure for your kids as they remain under your supervision. You get to know what they are learning and from whom they are learning Quran. Online teaching management also helps you keep an eye on the progress to encourage and appreciate your kids for further improving their progress.


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