Pashto Language Course

Pashto course

The online Pashto course is offered by languages tutor worldwide for all ages of students. The Pashto language course is designed by qualified and experienced Pashto teachers from basic level Pashto to advanced level Pashto. Language is the roadmap and a key that unlocks many aspects of a culture. With the world becoming a global village, learning new languages becomes more important to interact with people of diverse backgrounds and get your message across comfortably.

We have a team of dedicated Pashto teachers, and you can learn from them in your comfort time. Whether you want to learn the Pakistani accent or Afghani, our native Pashto teachers will help you understand, speak, and write like native speakers.

Pashto Course Description

Our Pashto teachers design this course for all ages of students. We divide the Pashto language course into three stages, which make our Pashto course easy to learn in a short time.

For the beginners Pashto learners, we provide tasks, presentations, and activities to develop Pashto speaking skills, to listen, reading, and writing. We aim to provide a learning environment for the students to understand the Pashto language and the culture.

We divided our online Pashto course into three levels, Introductions to the Pashto, Speaking and Reading of the Pashto language, and Writing.

Pashto Basics

Level 1; an Introduction to the Pashto Language 

It’s the very basics of the Pashto language to communicate with others while traveling. You need to know about the Pashto, Pashtun culture, day’s name, daily life Pashto words, introduce yourself to others, etc. Here is the level 1 course content;

  • Introduction to Pashto – What is Pashto?
  • Basics of Pashto Language
  • Pashto Alphabets
  • Essential Pashto daily life words
  • Introduction yourself to others
  • Name of colors – Talking about colors
  • Numbering in Pashto
  • Date and Numbering
  • Months Names in Pashto
  • Days Names in Pashto – Days of the week in Pashto
  • How to Greeting in Pashto?
  • Learn how to read the time in Pashto?
  • How to share your contact details?
  • Food and Drinks – Learn in Details

After completing the Pashto level 1 one, you will be able to introduce yourself to others in Pashto Languages. Also, you will quickly speak the daily life words, i.e., what date, month, or day is it? Food items, time, greeting, and routine conversation.

Level 2; Speaking and Reading

What can you learn in the Pashto Course Level 2? While we focused in level 1 on the basics of the Pashto language, which is for the Pashto beginners. But, in level 2, we will focus on Speaking and reading the Pashto language. To speak and read any language, you must understand the specific language basics.

So, to become a professional Pashto speaker and reader, you need to follow our Pashto tutor


  • 30 Mins of spoken language practice
  • Introductory conversation for 5 mins in each Pashto class, and new vocabulary and structures
  • Detailed instruction which enables you to understand the conversations
  • Reading practice and two assignments each week
  • Practice for vocabulary lessons daily

Level 3; Writing

By the end of the course, our Pashto students or learners will be able to listen, understand, speak and read the Pashto language as Native Pakistani, and Afghani Pashtun speaks, read, and understand.

Advance Level Pashto

The advanced level of the Pashto course includes;

  • Introduction to the Pashto Language
  • Understand Pashto culture
  • Speaking, Reading, and writing Pashto
  • Pashto Grammar

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Feel free to reach us via email and Whatsapp for Pashto course enrollment. You can experience free trial classes for a week. Then choose your teachers and start learning Pashto online from your best Pashto online tutor.

Note: “Pay only when you’re 100% satisfied”

Course Details

Learning a new language gives people a competitive edge and allows them to immerse themselves in a region’s cultural heritage fully.

As an official language of Afghanistan and a widely spoken language in Pakistan among Pashtoon-dominated regions, learning Pashto has become an aspiration of so many non-native speakers. Over the years, the Pashto language has gained more attention and global footprints. Many intentional media channels such as BBC Pashtu and Voice of America (VOA) today produce bulletins, documentaries, and news shows in the Pashto language to reach out to Pashtu speakers.

Learning Pashto is super easy when you have a native Pashto Tutor on your side at your convenient time, pace and comfort.

Learn Pashto Online

With repaid changes in technology and easier internet accessibility, mastering any skill today is no longer an excusable matter. The traditional method of learning Pashto is cumbersome and old-fashioned. In-person tutoring, which starts with finding a local language academy, asking about tutor availability, waiting for the course commencement date, and then commuting every day, consumes a lot of time. Online Pashtu language tutors save you from all the hustle and simplify your learning journey with a gadget in hand and communication applications like Skype and Zoom.

Pick up your laptop, smartphone, or iPad and begin your Pashto language online course right from the comfort of your place. The course is designed to provide all subscribers with:

  • One on One class with intensive focused learning.
  • Choose among male or female Pashto Tutors.
  • Set classes day and timing of your convenience.
  • Neither pay a hefty admission fee nor buy expensive books.
  • Audio recordings of lectures for later revisions.
  • Improve Pashto speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
  • Engage in real-time conversation with the tutor to improve reading comprehension, speaking, and listening.

You are provided with a purpose-built learning management system that tracks the progress and punctuality of both the learner and the teacher. Access all the recorded lessons, the time, and the number of lessons you take. Make the most out of Pashto language learning resources like lesson summaries, tutorials, tests, quizzes, exams, and conversations with the tutor.

Beginner to Expert

Our Online Pashto Language tutors have an intriguing roadmap to follow, so your journey to learning Pashto grammar and spoken language is set with exciting and fun-filled content. You are started with the basic vocabulary and sentence structures and gradually taken to advanced grammar rules. The continuous practice of learning and memorizing short sentences improves your fluency as speaking skill is less likely to follow the standard grammar rule. Your trial, error, and corrections make you jot down sentences independently. Our tutors consistently track progress and evaluate areas where the students require extra effort for better outcomes.

What Should I do if I want to Learn Pashto Online?

Firstly, set your desired objectives for learning the Pashtu language. It includes enrollment either in Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced level courses. Secondly, which module do you prefer to master, such as Speaking, Listening, or Writing? Thirdly, how much time you can invest into it as learning any language from scratch requires considerable time, passion, and dedication.

Search for a native Pashto Language tutor who has command of the major regional dialects such as Afghanistan Pashto and Pakistani Pashto and has experience in Pashto tutoring for a good amount of years.

Discuss your purpose of learning the Pashto language tutors so that they can choose topics and lessons accordingly. Unable to decide? Call us and talk to one of our tutors for a brief course description and learning outcomes as we have been teaching Pashto for more than nine years now.

Unlike learning any language, learning Pashto begins with knowing and memorizing the most frequently used vocabulary word and proper pronunciation of various syllables. Keep a journal and write down every new word you learn. Try to find native speakers or colleagues with who you can engage in conversations to gain fluency in speaking and listening.

Why choose the Languages Tutor?

The reason to choose the languages tutor for learning the Pashto language online. As, we are teaching Pashto language online from the last 13 years.

Competitive Price

We offer competitive price in the market.

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Native Pashto tutors for kids, male, and females.

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Learn Pashto at your comfort time.

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Languages tutor offer one-on-one Pashto classes for all students.

When to Pay?

Pay only when you’re satisfied with our tutors and classes.

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