Tafseer Ul Quran Course

Quran is a book of guidance that needs. Learn Tafseer ul Quran to find explanation, interpretation, and context of the stories and advice laid down by Allah SWT. Take its classes online to learn at your pace and available time.

Why Learn Tafsir Online from An Online Tafsir Teacher?

Finding and getting enrolled into a Quran academy near you is almost impossible as they have a defined timetable to follow. however, Online Tafseer Ul Quran in Urdu gives you the flexibility to learn in your free time and take lessons as you learn. if you are working a full day job but want to Learn Tafseer ul Quran as well, you are left with the only option to seek the assistance of an online Tafseer ul Quran teacher.  We serve you with:

  • One to one Tafseer ul Quran
  • Free Admission to the course
  • Learners of any age can join
  • Learn by Skype from any part of the world
  • Set your timings and days of the week
  • Male and female Tafseer ul Quran tutor

Each lesson of the Tafseer ul Quran is delivered through state an art learning management system so that you can keep off the course and syllabus. It is useful if your spouse or kids want to Learn the Tafseer ul Quran as you can check their progress through the number of lessons taken, its tests and quizzes, and assessment by Tafseer ul Quran tutor.

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How Long Does Tafsir Lesson Last and What Does it Consist of?

Each lesson of Online Tafseer Ul Quran in Urdu comprises 30 minutes. The student or learner is given ample time and relief in the initial classes to master the basics of Arabic grammar rules so that better explanation and interpretation be sought. Once the student learns the basics, he or she is taken towards the advanced topics of the course that consist of:

  • Implementation of grammar rules on Qurani verses
  • Context of the revelation of verses
  • Arabic vocabulary of the Quran
  • Terms of tafsir
  • The practical implication of the learning outcomes
  • Summarize stories from the Quan and lessons obtained

Our online Tafseer ul Quran tutor records and sends the lessons in audio format so that students can go through them again and again.

What Should I Do If My Kid or I want to Learn Tafsir Online?

The web has a treasure to learn Tafseer ul Quran, however, you need to be selective in downloading books and resources, and seeking assistance from an online Tafseer ul Quran tutor. if you, your spouse, or a family member want to understand this holy book, you must have your research and find them a tutor certified in Quranic sciences and holds comprehensive knowledge and experience in teaching it.