How to Build Relation with Allah (SWT)

Are you wandering here and there and thinking about building relationships with Allah SWT? Are you feeling hopeless that you will never build relation with Allah? All these questions are a sign of belief and trust in Allah because you don’t want to lose the precious gift, which is “Eman”. This article will help you to build a divine relationship with Allah Almighty. So read the article till the end and pour the purity into your soul. We will suggest to you some ways to help you build a spiritual relationship with Allah.

Start from 5 minutes Solitude

The best practice to build relation with Allah Almighty is giving 5 minutes to Allah. These 5 minutes will be purely out of human interruption. You need to close your eyes for 5 minutes and remember Him with the beautiful “Asma ul Husna”. After completing the 5 minutes meditation, open your eyes and bring yourselves out of the worry.

Start praying

If you are not offering Salah daily, start it from today. Perform every Salah like Allah is looking at you. And keep one thing in mind every time you stand in front of Him whatever I do, I do it to acquire the love of Allah. Once you start praying, you will find ways to spend time remembering Allah.

Allah is with you

Every time Allah comes to your mind and heart, remind yourselves that Allah is with you. He loves you, and He will never leave you in despair. Despair is sin, and Allah SWT has declared bluntly in Quran that “O my servants who have transgressed against their souls despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is oft-forgiving, most merciful: Quran: 39:53

Find your happiness with Allah

Happiness does not last long, but you need to find happiness with Allah. The best way to find happiness with Allah is by sharing your good and bad days with Him. Someone does something wrong to you, and you leave it on Allah; that’s something that gives you internal satisfaction. You began a journey of pure joy with Almighty. You pay heed to the feeling that there is someone with whom I can share all my worries.

Be kind to humanity

When you start the journey of building relationships with Allah, you need to be kind to humanity. Doing bad to other creatures of Allah will take you away from Allah. So, be kind to everyone whether they do good or bad to you. Humanity is not to do well only to those who do well to you.

Love for the sake of Allah

A true Muslim and believer love others for the sake of Allah. Prophet Muhammad SAW once told his companions that a true Muslim loves and hates others for the sake of Allah. To build relation with Allah, you need to open your heart to people from all walks of life. You must have no personal choice and mindset about people; rather, you have to be kind, jolly, and nice to people for the sake of the Almighty.

Avoid disappointment

Disappointment and disparity are from the devil, and you need to avoid them. It would be best if you fought against yourself regarding disappointment. Once you control your emotions, a better human you will become.


A true believer has patience. Patience is the key to building relationships with Allah. Allah SWT will test you every moment, but you have to be patient. Remember one thing the true believers never ran out of patience. They know that a better time will come, and they will succeed in every exam from Allah Almighty