Fiqh Online Course 

Fiqh is a collection of all golden Islamic rules. With this short fiqh course, you briefly go through the entire Islamic Sharia despite your busy routine. Set your schedule and get lessons from an online fiqh teacher.

Why Learn Fiqh Online from An Online Fiqh Teacher?

Understanding and practicing Islamic jurisprudence is a duty of every Muslim. It has a comprehensive syllabus that people find hard to complete with a full day job or other commitments. However, a Fiqh Teacher can easily take you through its basic to advance principles and different schools of jurisprudence. Learning it from an online teacher comes with the following benefits;

  • One to one session for better concentration
  • Free admission – no registration free
  • No age limits to Learn Fiqh online
  • Take online classes from anywhere
  • Various time slots to select from
  • Choose a male or female fiqh teacher
  • The safe and secure learning environment

All the lessons are delivered over a purpose-built learning management system to help you keep track of your or your kid’s learning. The system maintains a record of all the lessons attended with details of topics, exams, tests, and quizzes.

Experience free Fiqh Online Classes

How Long Does Fiqh Lesson Last and What Does it Consist of?

A usual Fiqh class lasts 30 minutes. The initial lessons may be short for the ease of a beginner to learn and grasp the basic concepts. The fiqh short course consists of various topics so that all the areas are covered within a short period. The learning outcomes include:

  • What are Fiqh and its kinds
  • How and when it was developed
  • Basic rules of Islamic Shariah
  • How Fiqh derived from Quran and Hadith
  • The concepts of Ijma and Qiyas
  • Practical implications of Fiqh

All the Online Fiqh classes are required and sent via WhatsApp for your record to revise and memorize the rules, and clarify concepts you might have missed.

What Should I Do If My Kid or I want to Learn Fiqh Online?

The online resources have made it easier to learn Fiqh online; however, you may still a fiqh tutor for guidelines and understanding the underlying meaning of various concepts. Find a learned teacher, take lessons, and carry extensive research to testify what you learn and master Islamic Shariah. You can access online resources by great Islamic scholars to keep increasing your knowledge bank.