How to enroll with Languages Tutor?

You can simply contact us through WhatsApp, Email, or from the contact we page. Our Administration will enroll in your course.

Is the Languages Tutor offer free Languages classes?

Yes, we did offer the free or trial classes only for three days. After that, you have to enroll in the course.

How Long Does a Lesson Last?

Online Lessons Last 30 to 35mins and we make sure to cover the topic in the class time. If it does not It can Last even longer till the completion of the topic.

Is it Secure?

It is 100% secure and safe. This could be known from our clients’ testimonials.

In addition, you don’t need to pay in advance. Pay only when the Lessons are delivered and you are satisfied.

Why Choose Languages Tutor?

    1. All the Tutorials are Free of Cost
    2. 24 / 7 / 365 Friendly Customer Support.
    3. Highly Flexible Timings to suit your Needs i.e 24 Hrs
    4. Qualified, Experienced and Trained Male / Female Tutors.
    5. 1 to 1 Teaching with full attention & devotion.
    6. Frequent Test System to Ensure Effective Learning.
    7. There is no limit of Age.
    8. Training is offered in multiple languages
    9. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
    10. We have more than 150 satisfied students around.