Challenges of New Converts of Islam and their Solutions

Sometimes, it is very hard to survive for those newly converted to Islam. They face many challenges while living in a society. These may be struggles for learning Quran and Hadith and other necessary information related to Islam. However, if you are also newly converted to Islam, you can find a perfect solution for your problem in this blog.

Many of you want to become an ideal Muslim, follow the Quran and Hadith wholeheartedly, act upon all the commandments of Allah SWT, and follow the directions of Holy Prophet Mohammad SAW.

Some have the problem of living in a society where no one can guide them towards religion, and few of them have to struggle to convince their relatives and siblings, though the latter is not very common. After Allah SWT enlightened your heart with the glory of pure religion Islam, He will smoothen the ways for you. However, here are some challenges for new converts of Islam, and their solutions.

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Learning how to pray

It is obvious that after becoming a Muslim, you have to learn the most necessary obligatory which determine the difference between Kufr and Islam, Salat. It is a problem for almost all the new converts to learn how to pray Namaz.

Salat is the basic pillar of Islam. Without offering Namaz, no Muslim ever could reach perfection. However, sometimes there is no tutor to teach them Salah and lead them as they are in a community where non-muslim life. So, there are many opportunities to learn the special course specially designed for new Muslims.

Informing the family

Informing the family is also a big problem for new converts of Islam living in western countries. After accepting Islam, they try to hide their identity as Muslims. As Islam is emerging a universal religion nowadays, people are exceedingly entering into Islam, but a fear they have is to inform their family.

So, if you have the same problem with your family, bring some magazines in which articles about religion Islam are published. Suggest them to read and gradually ask them questions about what they had studied. After some time, their interest will develop in knowing more about Islam. That is the time when you should inform your family about your accepting Islam.

Changing diet plan

Certainly, after becoming Muslim, you have to give up all the prohibited diets in Islam. But it is very difficult for those living in a non-Muslim family to change their diet plan to Halal.

There are certain reasons why it’s difficult for them to change their diet to Halal and avoid eating the Haram diet. They cannot ask directly to cook Halal food as fear of the family, and other reason, they were not addicted to the Halal food.

So, it’s very easy to cope with these situations. Someday, cook some Halal food, tasty, so your family would love that, and then you can start eating that.

Wearing Hijab

After becoming Muslim, wearing Hijab becomes a massive problem for our Muslim sisters. Similarly, being Muslim, if you also have the same problem while living in a society where Hijab is not considered a good sign of civilization.

If you are in a community, you should develop a Hijab culture in that society. Also, you should create awareness about the utilities of wearing a Hijab among non-Muslims. It will create easiness and make your ways clearer to follow the dictations of Islam.


After converting to Islam, we have all the solutions for your challenges. However, the best solution is the special course for new converts of Islam that specially designed for you. Get yourself registered in an online learning course.