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Read Quran Online with perfect Tajweed at steady or fast as you learn from our Expert and Qualified Tutors. Have the convenience of learning the Quran online at the day and time suitable to you.

Why Learn Quran from An Online Quran Teacher?

Quran is a beautiful revelation of Allah. We must pursue learning it either from an online or a tutor nearest in the vicinity. However, the busy routine does not allow us to drive to the nearest Quran Academy or take our kids there so learning from an Online Quran Teacher is the most suitable option left. We have

  • No Admission Fee
  • No Age limit to Read Quran Online
  • No regional boundaries – We serve across the globe
  • One to one classes of Quran Reading
  • Choose days and timing as per your routine
  • Male and Female Quran Teachers

Online medium of education is secure for your kids as they remain under your supervision. You get to know what they are learning and from whom they are learning Quran. Online learning management also helps you keep an eye on the progress to encourage and appreciate your kids for further improving their progress.

Learn Quran with Trial Class With Us

How Long Does Quran Lesson last and what does it consist of?

Each online Quran lesson lasts 30 minutes. The Online Quran Teacher takes the first 20 minutes in teaching Noorani Qaida and the basic rules of Tajweed. The rest of the 10 minutes are spent on memorizing Duas, Five Kalimas, how to pray Salat and other prayers like Funeral, and basics of Islam religion. Holy Quran Reading is followed by other courses as well that consist of:

  • How to Memorize Quran?
  • How to Read Quran with Proper Tajweed?
  • How to Do Quran Tafseer & Quran Translation?
  • Hifz-ul-Quran Course
  • Tajweed Course
  • Quran Translation
  • Tafseer Course

We record all the lessons and send them via WhatsApp to the learners to help them revise later and improve their Quran Reading capability.

What Should I Do If My Kid or I want to Learn Quran Online?

Holy Quran Full Reading is not difficult. The day you decide to learn Quran or want your kid to learn it, Allah SWT will create ways for simplifying the lessons. You need to select the right course, consult with our Online Quran Teacher and decide on a time slot of your choice. Our experienced tutors will take a quiz to evaluate your or your kid’s understanding of the Arabic characters and composition so that he or she can start Quran Reading accordingly. Besides this, you will be provided with an Islamic tutorial and learning resource so that you can keep on learning even after the lessons.