Arabic Language Course

Want to learn the Arabic Language, Join us for our fast track and intensive Arabic language learning journey. Our professional native Arabic language tutors bring you a hustle free learning and encouraging environment as you take on the Arabic language course from Modern Standard Arabic to Classical and mainstream Arabic language. Be with us at your convenient time and place while we take you on the exciting journey of learning the Arabic language online.

Why Should I Learn Arabic Online?

Distance education is norm of the day. Online tutoring is the simplest and convenient method to learn the Arabic language as it reduces the need to attend a conventional academy or school and consume time on daily travel back and forth. At Languages tutors’ organization, we have further streamlined the learning journey with self-paced lessons, allowing you to set a timetable according to your own routine. With our Arabic language tuition course, you can continue your side hustles such as your day time job or education. The Arabic language course is designed to provide you:

  • One to one classes for fast track learning
  • Select Male or female Arabic Language Tutor
  • Various time slots available to choose from
  • No admission fee you should submit
  • No expensive syllabus and books to buy
  • Audio recordings of all the classes for later revisions and quizzes
  • An intensive focus on Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing
  • Opportunity to learn from native Arabic teachers online
  • Learn from the place of your comfort, anywhere anytime

At the Languages Tutor virtual academy, our Arabic Language Tutor delivers your lesson on a purpose-built learning management system. It allows the management team, the Arabic language tutors and the students to track real time performance, and modules where more effort is needed.  You can evaluate your progress at any time by the lessons taken, attended session time, and examination reports.

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How Long Does A Arabic Lesson Last?

In general, an Arabic language class takes 30 to 40 minutes. However, our Arabic Language Tutor is capable enough of recognizing the time a learner may take in grasping difficult words, grammar rules, or sentence structure so that your time is given for the said lessons. Our instructors are flexible, supportive and provide extra time whenever there is a need. Be a part of our growing academy and learn the Arabic language with guaranteed results.

How To Set off A Journey From Arabic Grammar To Spoken Arabic through Contents of Arabic Lessons?

We let you initiate the journey to learn Arabic language online from the basics and gradually increase the difficulty level. Starting from building the basic mainstream spoken vocabulary and moving on to ace the Arabic language on higher levels, such as literature, grammar, classical and standard Arabic dialects.  For conversational Arabic, learners are not required to master the advance level grammar; however our Arabic language course provides a blend of speaking practices and grammar to fully make you familiar to the Arabic language.

What Should I Do if I want to Learn Arabic Online?

Arabic language is grand and has a great variety of dialects and the mainstream spoken Arabic appears to be a lot different from the one students study through literature in the conventional classrooms.

Intend to learn the Arabic Language online, you must first figure out your goals. Do you want to learn Arabic for just conversational purpose or perhaps taking it to the advanced level? Goal clarity is important as each level takes different amount of time, study resources and personal effort.

Convey your goal for the language to the Arabic language tutor so that the tutor can plan the course resources and time accordingly.

There is a stark difference between the Arabic languages among various Arabic speaking nations. The Arabic spoken in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is different than that of United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Qatar and Iraq.

Our online professional and native Arabic language teachers have mastered the art of orienting students to various Arabic genres, domestic and foreign Arabic dialects.

Apart from the learning resources available to you at our learning management system, do participate in side hustle like reading and listening to Arabid contents and even engage in conversation with some native Arabic speakers.

Keep a booklet and write down every new word you hear and look at their meanings through an Arabic dictionary. It helps memorizing the new words quite easily.

With learning Arabic online, you allow yourself to learn in-depth about the rich Arab’s culture and history of the Arab nations.

Widely spoken in many Middle Eastern countries, and as official language of so many gulf countries, learning Arabic language can open up limitless employment opportunities and personal growth prospects.

Start practicing each lesson that you take and never stop learning. Remember the old saying that goes like “practice makes a man perfect”.

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